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Randle Stonier is a UK voice-over with a rich and vibrant voice.

The ‘Jekyll and Hyde of British voice over’ – ‘warm and reassuring’ meets ‘dark and gravelly’.

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Randle Stonier is a voiceover talent with a trustworthy, versatile voice.
The Jekyll and Hyde of British voice-over, ‘warm and reassuring’ meets ‘dark and gravelly’.

Strong, confident neutral British Male voice.  No regional dialect and no discernible accent.

A warm and engaging brand spokesperson. Clean and crisp, trustworthy and reliable, commanding and powerful, fresh and engaging, casual and conversational, rich and vibrant, friendly and calming, intelligent and informed, dark and gravelly, heightened and posh – voices that can be compelling and authoritative but also soft and welcoming.

His voice over work includes:
Commercial, Corporate, Medical, Narrations, IVR, Voicemail, Message on hold, Youtube videos, Promos , Explainer videos, Tutorials, eLearning, Employee training modules, Internal communications, Children’s stories, Whiteboard, Video, Live events and more.

He has an extensive commercial background, having worked in marketing and event production most of his professional life. He has produced numerous projects and live events as both executive producer and Voice of God, including a Guinness World Record winning project for Vodafone. As a voice-artist he has been extensively coached by London’s The ShowreelNancy Wolfson and Marc Graue from the USA, Nicola Redman, RSC’s Louisa Clarke and Tim Richards from How the Voice Works. Randle brings maturity and insight to any project and is only happy when you are.

Once asked to list 5 jobs he’s had, he replied:- Royal Navy officer, police officer, licensee of Europe’s largest gay night club, MD of 3 marketing and event agencies, Producer of a Guinness World Record winning event for client Vodafone – the largest silver service dinner party in the world (11,500 people)

Randle is honoured to have been awarded an honorary doctorate in education by Leeds Beckett University

Voice Over Services

Voiceover artist, Randle Stonier offers a range of voice-over services including voicing, scripting, engineering and post production for a number of voice applications typically heard and experienced every day, including commercials (Radio, TV and Internet), infomercials, in-store announcements, explainer videos, surveys, call centre prompts, IVR, telephone voice prompts, talking toys, eLearning, documentary voice over narration, medical narration, audiobooks, numerous live events and animation voice over recordings. He also has an extensive library resource of music and effects and is happy to quote for such additional services.

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Randle is a professional voice talent, and enjoys voicing for telephone systems and audio applications.

Ordering customised IVR and On-Hold prompts from VoicesByRandle – voiced by Randle Stonier is easy. Simply submit your script, obtain a word count and total cost quote – and with one click, you can pay securely and instantly for your prompts (via Stripe or Paypal, or pay via the Escrow service provided by Gravy For The Brain + their escrow fee). Pay only for what you need – whether it’s our high-quality same-day or next day service.


Rates & FAQs

Introduction to voiceover recordings (and voiceover licensing)

Voiceover recordings are recorded audio media. You, as the hirer, do not own the voice recordings, in fact, in many countries, it is illegal to sell the copyright of one’s own recordings…. rather, you buy a licence to use the voice recordings in your product, whatever that may be.

This process often becomes confusing because even if you own the copyright of the script itself, the voiceover artist, by law, owns the rights to their actual performance. This method of licensing commonly has the term “usage”…i.e., you are paying for the use of the recordings.

The common factors in voiceover licensing with voice recordings are:

The number of geographical locations,

The amount of people who will use, see or hear the product,

The number of platforms or media the product will be used on and…

The duration of the licence that is granted.

For example then, the license cost for use of the recordings in one geographical location, on one platform, for just one year may be comparatively small. Whereas the license cost for use of the recordings globally for 3 years, on all platforms and the web would be comparatively high.

In very rare cases, some hiring companies wish to license the recordings globally, on all platforms and for all time, and as you can guess, this would have a much higher – sometimes prohibitive – cost associated with it. 

As with most things however, the deal can usually be negotiated, this is usually best done with bringing a higher volume of work to the table.

 Should You Go Cheap?

Remember, using a talented, high quality and professional voiceover artist for your product does come with a cost, but in exchange for that, you receive a higher quality performance for your products, greater perceived professionalism for your brand, and you raise the public perception of your business in general.

Yes, you can always find someone to work cheaper for you, in any industry, but ask yourself what impact that will have on your products? What impact will that have on the quality of your public perception? What impact will choosing the cheapest option have on the quality of your brand?

My Rates

My rates are based on a very competitive BSF (Basic Studio Fee) of:

£285/hour Commercial, Agency and Web Use.
£250/hour Corporate Rate, negotiable. Studio rate for extra production, £150/hour.

PLEASE NOTE: These are guideline rates and are of course subject to negotiation and usage based on the above BSF.

In addition, usage based on the above where appropriate. A useful resource for TV usage is Usefee.TV and I support its formulae. If you have booked a TV commercial, you will know its TVRs, so that site will be helpful to know how I will work out my fee for you.

These rates are a guide only and even though I follow British Equity/SAG-AFTRA/ACTRA rates and Gravy for the Brain guidelines, I am open to negotiating fees on a project by project basis

IVR Illustrative Rate Card (based on the ‘Gravy For The Brain’ guideline rate card)

Equity Agreed Minimum Rates*Typical Current Actual Market Rates**
(see note below about what typical means & the variables involved)
Royalty Buyout or Usage Fee StructureNotes
Typical LOWERTypical AVERAGETypical UPPER
IVR - AMA/EMA registeredN/A£5 £15 £25 Usage included in session fee1. IVR means Interactive Voice Response systems, i.e., the menu systems on corporate telephone systems
2. This rate quoted is per-word.
3. Some voice artists charge a minimum fee, e.g. £100. My preference is a minimum fee based on 1-50 words, 51-100, 101-200, 201-500, 500+ by arrangement. 4. AMA = Audio Marketing Association (now EMA - http://ohma.org/)
IVR - General CompaniesN/A£200 £250 £300 Usage included in session fee1. IVR means Interactive Voice Response systems, i.e., the menu systems on corporate telephone systems
2. This rate quoted is per hour.

**Typical Current Actual Market Rates: The rates specified in these tables are those generally commanded in the UK by working voiceover artists.

Up to 500 words with Royalty-free music mixed in – £275 + VAT
All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and for next day delivery (Monday-Friday). A ‘Same Day’ service is available for a +25% surcharge.


Randle has his own home studio. He uses a Neumann TLM 103 mic, an Electrovoice RE20 mic, iMac, UA Apollo Twin, iMac, Adobe Audition and Apple Logic Pro X. Files can be provided by Citrix’s ShareFile, Dropbox or WeTransfer.